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Introducing the revolutionary search engine from MegaWare. The Megaware Desktop Search. From now on , no file can escape its powerful searching technique.
The Megaware Desktop Search incorporates a powerful and fast searching algorithm to search for any file in your computer. Apart from the speed , what makes it a breed apart from other search engines is the ultimate filtering perfection it provides. The search engine is a very small program that you can dock in your desktop and by a simple click of a button you can unleash the real searching power of this small program. The features of the MegaWare Desktop Search is discussed below:
  • Faster Searching :- The program uses a very fast searching algorithm to hunt down the specified file/folder. Practically it can check more than 50000 files per minute. That's more than 1000 files per second.
  • Ultimate Filtering:- When talking about what's so special about Megaware Desktop Search , the first thing is its ulitmate filtering capability. The program has many filtering options and if that isn't enough you have the Advanced options.
  • Pattern Matching:- To underline the statement 'ultimate filtering' we have embedded Character and Substring pattern matching options that are found in Database Management systems only.
  • Small and Versatile:- The desktop search is a very small program that you can dock to your desktop.
  • Indexing Facility:- Another important feature of Megaware DesktopSearch is its indexing capability. You can index a location that is most frequently searched and search on the indexed file of that location. It can yield the search result 10 times faster than real time search on file system.
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Again if you can't help us financially, you can surely give us a feed back about the project or just suggest this program to your friends.Please feel free to contact us.

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